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Our Journey

Your Journey is our journey

Trifecta IT Solutions mission is to help our partners provide highly technical and specialized professional services. This allows our partners to grow and offer new services to their customers.

One of the biggest dilemmas of being in a highly competitive IT solutions market is regularly bringing in monthly re-occurring revenue (MRR). That often means having to be very diversified with services. Realistically, not one product/vendor can bring in enough money to pay the bills. Many times a partner's engineers have to spread their knowledge to many areas and only have the chance to be an experts in 1-2 products. This eqautes to more time spent (less profit) on jobs where they have little knowledge.

This is where Trifecta can be your help! We can supplement you with highly skilled and certified employees that are experts in those other areas where you may need help. We can save you lots of time (time=money) by providing services that are done right the first time.

We require our employees to have in-depth knowledge of telecom and hands-on experience working with enterprises. We can help you grow your business and service offering by supplementing your expertise, whether it is in new or existing services.